The big tablet splurge: 1 in 3 consumers plan to buy a tablet for ‘back to school’


Parents won’t just be splashing out on new uniform and course books this term, but tablets too according to a new study from shopping website BuyVia.

In a recent study posted on the company’s blog, BuyVia detailed how most parents will be spending money on some type of computer as their children return to school.

The firm found that one in three consumers are planning to buy a tablet for ‘back to school’ this year, with this rising to one in five for those seeking a laptop or looking to buy both a tablet and a laptop. Another third don’t have plans to buy a new device this year.

But when it comes to tablets and what devices parents are willing to spend on, it appears as though Apple’s iPad is still the king of education with 39% intending to buy such a model as children return to school.

There was however also demand for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab (23%), as well as the iPad mini and Kindle Fire (both 17%).

“Tablets are definitely gaining momentum as an essential device for back to school shopping this season, and it’s no surprise that the iPad remains the most popular tablet,” said Norman Fong, CEO and Co-Founder of BuyVia.

“What’s interesting however is that while iPads remain the most popular tablet, PCs reign over Macs when it comes to laptop purchase preferences this year. This could be due to the significant price difference between PC laptops and Macs and an attribute to what parents are willing to spend.”


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